The Tale


Once upon a time the inhabitants of the valley rived to see who was the most remarkable, but unfortunately they had to pay a steep price: the enjoyment of life and dreams.

One of the inhabitants was the bear. The bear was proud of possessing the largest cave where up to eleven bears could sleep, but he worked so hard to maintain and protect his cave that the bear lacked time to dream, even keeping an alert and open eye in winter.

In the valley also lived a deer that only thought about his magnificent antlers. The deer spent every minute grooming them in order to be the most colourful deer in the valley. He walked with his head high at all times, but although he may have been the most handsome, the deer also let the days pass by without enjoying either life or dreams.

And, what happened with the Grouse? Another being of that valley, the grouse, spent season after season watching over his enormous territory. His territory was so great that he did not even know who his neighbour was.

Every summer an Egyptian vulture arrived at the valley, and although he planned non-stop its ethereal domains, he never let his imagination fly. He was always so worried about who was going to invade his piece of sky.

On the other hand the greedy mouse only had eyes and time for his belly and pantry. The mouse wasted days and nights making trips from the granary to his hole. The greedy mouse was alone and just like the bear, the deer, the grouse and the Egyptian vulture, the mouse didn’t realize that life was skipping by. The suns and moons go up and down day after day.

But in that valley a little ant worked the most but it also loved living and feeling every moment. The ant feels the sun, hears the wind, and views and enjoys the landscape while it works. It loves charming corners, like its little pretty garden in which, the ant could share this place, its food, its time, and dreamed the most delicious dreams ever dreamed under the maple leafs from its little garden: O chardinet d’a formiga.