La Fueva Valley

La Fueva, also known as El Valle de la Fueva or in the local aragonese language, Val d’a Fueba, is located in the northeast of Sobrarbe‘s region, right next to Ribagorza and a few scanty kilometres from the medieval Villa of L’ Aínsa. La Fueva is a valley drained by the Usia and Salinar creeks and bordered to the north by Sierra Ferrera and Peña Montañesa. Below one can find the Sierras of Campanuel, Formigales, Trillo and Clamosa. Other creeks cross these Sierras, giving the character to this valley of lands inherited from the former early medieval counties. This particular orography has facilitated the valley’s isolation up to recent dates, preserving its genuineness and freshness in each of its corners, in each of its 25 inhabited villages and in each of the abandoned ones, and in each of the treasuries that the history has legated in every cultivated field.

La Fueva is a nearby valley far from the multitudes and also a calm valley with a special location from which the most emblematic locations of the Pyrenees are easily accesible all year round thanks to its moderate climate.